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Crossroads by Queen Pen

April 10th, 2011 | By admin

After two successful book releases, Queen Pen has been working on two new books. One a follow up to ‘Blossom‘ and a gritty, edgy, sexy novel/soap opera entitled ‘Crossroads‘ which you can start reading here. . . In the midst of all the hustle and bustle of life; all the unexpected turns and lengthy weekdays. I don’t know how I seem to make it to the end of the week! But it is, what I have come to call, “Sat’s” that I look forward to! This is when me and my closest friends gather over food and drinks. By the end of the week it’s mostly drinks for me! Me and my friends are all over worked, over stressed, under paid and all of this equals to being full of many frustrations. But I always thank God to make it to the weekends. By the time I drop my daughter to her friend’s house and do the weekly food shopping, I only have enough energy to throw a few drinks down my throat. It seems like ever since I moved out to Jersey my car has been shitty on gas. As soon as I fill it up, its right back on E and Deb takes the train into the city early on Saturday to … read more