Queen Pen is the mother of 5 children.  So far 2 of which have chosen to take after her and pursue music.

Nefu Da Don

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24: For those readers out there that might not be up to speed with Nefu Da Don let them where your from and how long have you been rapping?

Nefu Da Don: I was Born and raised in the gritty streets of Brooklyn New York. Right now I’m in California working on my Album with my God Father Teddy Riley been living with him for some years now. I been Rapping for a while ever since I was small but i started to take it serious when I turned 16.

24: Who would you say were some of your biggest music inspirations that made you want to start rapping?

Nefu Da Don: Jay-Z is my favorite rapper hands down. I love Jay he’s the best to ever do it besides B.I.G.! Jay is on a whole other planet man, he’s incredible!

24: How much does it help having a mother like Queen Pen thats been in the game and knows the ins and outs and can help guide your career in so many ways?

Nefu Da Don: Man, my mom is so smart and she knows this music game like the back of her hand. What makes her different from all these other rappers is that she’s actually really from the streets. My mom is a true GANGSTA(lol)! I’m just happy to have a mom that did this shit already because she won’t allow me to do wrong you know and she’s not just a mother but a mentor to me when it comes to this rap game! Read more…

Lyriic Staar

Lyriic Staar is the second to youngest and the first girl in the family. She started to remix songs and write her own lyrics at the age of 6. Check out the footage of her first time in the studio.